Browsing Amazon: The Walk of Shame.

So I finally got back to looking at new releases in Christian Fantasy.

What I find…ehhhhhh.

Semi-NSFW warning here, for comic book anatomy.

Well, there’s this graphic novel about Jezebel:



I don’t really remember monsters back in Biblical times, and the Jews look an awful lot like white European knights, but hey.

Then there’s all 30+ volumes of this junk.


No, seriously.

From the blurb:

Sic Semper Tyrannis is a memoir about a time, not so long past, when men were free, religious values were taken seriously. and parents were allowed to pass on the cultural heritage to their children without governmental interference. As David Selznick remarked concerning the Antebellum South, “Look for it only in books, for it is no more than a dream remembered, a Civilization gone with the wind . . . ”

This fictional account is the story of what might have been, had Christian parents possessed the courage of their convictions. It depicts the use of spanking and other types of physical correction, from the perspective of an adolescent boy.

Twelve year old Billy Martin has been suddenly uprooted from the only home he knows, in liberal Stockholm, and sent to live with his eighteen year old brother, Bob, who has recently joined an ultra-conservative religious group in Idaho.Billy, a high-spirited youth, has been allowed to run at loose ends for his entire life, and has never experienced discipline of any kind. He now finds himself in a vastly different world. Bob immediately sets about bringing his kid brother into line, and giving him the “Biblical discipline” that he, and the other sect members, consider essential to proper child rearing. Billy strives to come to grips with the new reality.

Also funny is this:

his work does not contain any erotic material, but is a sobering assessment of today’s child rearing practices in the United States and Western Europe.

Dude, your author pen name is “spanked teen.” You’ve written what, 1500 pages on this? I call serious BS on that. While I edge away from you slowly.

There’s also this cover:


I’m not one to rag on covers. My own indie book has a slipshod one itself, I admit. But I can’t even READ this one.

Or you can buy this ebook for 9.99.notbadbut


The cover isn’t bad, but the blurb…

A chapter book of the books Seekers Volume 1 & 2

Volume 1
A Christan based Science-Fiction

“Since I was born I have been hidden away from the world because I hold a power deep inside so great that many want to use it for themselves like my father.
My only way to freedom! My only way for peace is to leave my world of raging fire, but my only problem is when I leave all hell will break lose after me

Volume 2
The second Volume to the Seeker Series
Will Carter and Alara Rose set out on their Seeker Journey when they stumble across a boy claiming he is one of them but both girls know he’s hiding something dark, Meanwhile Will Carter’s secret is in trouble do to an unknown dark force who claims she will tell of Will carter’s other side if Will carter doesn’t use her SPECIAL Power and free it

You wonder why I’ve slowed down reviewing? Well part of the reason is this.

Not that I read these books, but I have to sort through so many of them to find things worth reading. And what does seem good isn’t stuff that’s inspiring me to read it; it’s typical “girl on the cover” fantasy, be it YA or adult. I’m literally going backwards by publication date and am at March 2014, and there’s maybe five books that are worth taking a chance on.

I do have one book I need to read and review here, and I’ve read two that I have reviewed on Goodreads briefly, but I’m debating putting this site on hiatus formally. There’s just too few books to read for me to keep momentum up. Books that I find enjoyable that is.


    1. It’s tougher to read and review consistently than I thought. I haven’t posted here for a while, and it’s hard to do because there are so few other Christian forms of media to cover. It’s a very narrow field, and getting narrower by the day.

  1. I checked your list of reviews, and I’m wondering if you’re trying to find books from different authors, which is why you haven’t reviewed Outcasts though you did review Captives. Same with Robert Treskillard’s Merlin books, Stephen Lawhead’s Bright Empires series, Anne Elisabeth Stengl’s Tales of Goldstone Wood series, and a number of others.

    I didn’t see a review of A Cast of Stones or any of Patrick Carr’s Staff & Sword books. I’d also suggest Shannon Dittemore, the Angel Eyes trilogy (supernatural); Evan Angler–not sure of the series title; two of the books are Sneak and Storm, dystopian fantasy; RJ Larson’s trilogy starting with Prophet; Morgan Busse’s trilogy starting with Daughter of Light; Mike Dellosso, too many titles to list, horror (or supernatural suspense); Mike Duran, The Telling, supernatural. I’m just mentioning these so that you don’t have to wade through the Amazon list to find them. ;-)


    1. I’ve read some of those books already, and need to reread them before I review them here. I think part of my problem is that there’s only so much YA or trad fantasy I can read at a stretch, which the majority of those books are.

      I also do want to find different authors. The trad presses aren’t really putting out a lot of books I’m enthusiastic over; they are good books, but if I want things like hard SF or non-traditional fantasy, I need to go through the indies.

  2. You can’t just show that much of Jezabel (although apparently she can!). What are the 29 other covers like?

    In fairness, this isn’t new. I once found a “new” novel by the well respected collaboration Cyril Judd. I’d enjoyed all their other work, but the cover was somewhat out of keeping with their reputation.
    “Sin on Mars – a lurid expose of the Scarlet Planet” – and the cover featured a well-endowed young lady displaying her considerable assets with minimum and appparently decreasing cover, and a man wearing a spacesuit and a dirty smirk. (This baffled me even more – as I didn’t see how the dirty smirk could be really justified whilst wearing the spacesuit. Perhaps I’m too innocent and naive.)

    In the end I bought it, because of the author and despite the cover. When I got it home it turned out to be a rebranding of a perfectly good novel I’d already read under its original name. Well-Endowed Lady and Dirty Smirk Spaceman didn’t actually appear anywhere.

    Do we know if this author produced the cover or is it the publisher?

    (Nice blog by the way – I found it from the Lost Guild)

  3. I went and bought the Jezebel book just to see how it was. The art style is consistent throughout the issue. It’s pretty skeevy; one wince-inducing scene shows the young Jezebel having her period, and there’s a comic book sex scene and comic book nudity in it. It probably would be closer to the movie Noah in the intent of it, but much worse. The cover really only lies in that the monsters on it don’t appear in the book; otherwise it’s fairly accurate. Seems like some guy’s vanity project.

    The 30 covers for spanked teen’s stuff? Some are the typical nature covers, and some are similar to the above, silhouettes of people getting paddled in non-sexual or school-like settings.

  4. There is virtually no way I am seeing that spanking series as anything but fetish fuel. Five bucks says the character describes a “discipline” session as “a release” (innuendo eyebrow wiggle). I would suggest this author learn about consensual BDSM and stop associating spankings with religion.

    1. Yeah, I peeked inside the free previews. It’s pretty much that. I was worried more that it was a tract to justify “Biblical discipline” or some of the nastier things in homeschooling culture, but seems more fetish fuel.

      The irony is that they have that already in the Christian Fantasy section too-the D.D. Cane “romances” are thinly veiled master/sub erotica. That category really needs someone to curate it, and strip out the inappropriate works.

      1. Holy crap, you aren’t kidding. I don’t know if I should curl up in the fetal position or pull up literotica and do a compare-contrast for giggles.

  5. Those covers caused me physical pain to look at! There is such a lack of professionalism with some self-published authors. Fortunately many self-published authors ARE professionals, but these folks give them a bad name.

    Also, the spanking one just gives me the creeps.

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