Absence and One-Quarter Angels

I’m sorry for not posting in a while.

I had planned to read and review Jerel Law’s Truth Runner. I started, and then I got to the point where it tells us the main character, a teen who towers over his compatriots and wins a basketball game singlehandedly is one-quarter angel.

I couldn’t read any more.

I know that Truth Runner is a sequel, and this was told to get us up to speed. I don’t have an issue with that. But making a character part angel is just so Christian spec-fic cliche that it physically hurts. We can’t make them aliens, we can’t make them demigods, we can’t make them people from alternate worlds; no the default response seems always angels and nephilim.

For some reason that turned me off from reading.

Reading and reviewing Christian spec fic is a very active thing. I don’t come across it when I go to the store, like a video game. I don’t get friends recommending me titles. I pretty much need to go out and search for it to find it. But that makes me vulnerable to getting tired with it if I read too many bad books or see cliches. After a point it’s just “bleah, another epic fantasy or girl in dresses paranormal.”

The one-quarter angel thing to me means that you cannot rely on the usual tropes any more. You can’t just go and write about nephilim or demons and expect people to be interested. Those that follow Christian fiction probably have read those kinds of books to death by now. Your reader is making an effort to reach out to you, and there’s only so much formula he can drink down.

I’m hoping to get back to reading and reviewing soon. Sorry to those who have emailed me about it; I haven’t forgotten.

One comment

  1. I feel you. It’s come to the point where the inclusion of angels/part-angels in a story is an instant turn-off for me. :P Just. Stop. Please.

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